Oscars Lookbook


We all know the Oscars is a big deal. Even those that don’t exactly know what it’s about, just knows, you know? The glitz and glam, flashing lights, people screaming your name and overall just the excitement of it all. That might be what tickles other people’s fancy, for me though, it has to be the fashion. So I decided to put together my top 3 looks for the Oscars. Each one showing off my very strange but beautiful personality.

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My Favourite Bloggers

So obviously I didn’t just wake up one day & decide to become a blogger. Nope! I was inspired to say the least. It’s so funny how women nowadays don’t know how to compliment and uplift each other , rather we gossip and break each other down. It has become nothing more than a constant competition. Seriously, it’s so lame! Get with the time people.

This post is about the four ladies (bloggers of course) who inspired me. You give me life!

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