Guardian Angel.


Being open is such a difficult thing to do in general, so posting this wasn’t easy at all. There were a lot of contemplating and deleting, and typing again – but I’ve finally got the tits to actually see my plan through.

Yesterday was my mom’s birthday. Her 9th birthday in heaven, to be exact. Yip, she’s an angel, my very own guardian. How lucky am I? She passed away when I was still very young, primary school young, so I wasn’t able to actually do anything for her on her special day, since all I cared about at that age,was myself. I know it sounds bad, but let’s be honest. I didn’t know better. I did give her a speech, you know the occasional “Happy birthday. God bless” and felt that would do it. And that’s the thing about moms, they are satisfied with just about anything and everything.

I remember this one time when I actually asked her for money, to go buy her a present. So she actually bought herself a present. LOL. Being the person that I am, I bought her a basket full of sweets and fruits – two days prior to her birthday. this basket included BANANAS! So I wrapped the basket nicely, bananas and all & I hid it in my wardrobe. Did I mention there were bananas in the basket as well? So the morning of her birthday, i was sooooo excited. Woke up early,sat on the bed waiting for her to wake up and the moment she opened her eyes, I literally shoved the present in her face. I’ll be completely honest, I was scolded first. You know how coloured moms are. *giggles*. I helped her open her gift (by helped, I mean I did it myself. She was way too slow) . I have never been more disappointed in my life. Those bananas totally betrayed me. All of them were brown and mushy! Totally eeeeew. She loved it non the less. That’s just the person she was. Continue reading “Guardian Angel.”