Oscars Lookbook


We all know the Oscars is a big deal. Even those that don’t exactly know what it’s about, just knows, you know? The glitz and glam, flashing lights, people screaming your name and overall just the excitement of it all. That might be what tickles other people’s fancy, for me though, it has to be the fashion. So I decided to put together my top 3 looks for the Oscars. Each one showing off my very strange but beautiful personality.

1. Candy blueserf

  • Dress – Zuhair Murad
  • Clutch – L.K Bennet Fay
  • Shoes – Christian Louboutin
  • Earings – Bulgari
  • Foundation – NARS Sheer glow
  • Eye palette – Givenchy

This piece has two primary colours,being turquoise and red. If you think about putting blue and red together, you get this UGLY picture in your head, but once you actually try it on, it’s absolutely gorgeous. It just compliments each other. Nothing turns up the volume more than a splash of red. Like they say, opposites attract.

I have also added a secondary colour, which is silver. The light shade jewelry is a fresh addition to the already bold dress. The idea is not to overpower the dress and attract attention, but rather to compliment it. Diamonds always add an elegant touch, if you choose the correct pieces.

The make-up is also very light and almost natural, as to not look like a box of crayons threw up on you. A red lip was also thrown in the mix, just for dramatic effect, lol.

With a dress like this, that’s already a statement on its own, it’s a better option to rather just go with a simple style. This loose bun with flower detailed pins round off the look perfectly.

2. Patternised


  • Dress – Zac Posen
  • Shoes – Jimmy Choo
  • Clutch – Boohoo
  • Face – Charlotte Tilbury

This outfit is so fresh, I love prints that aren’t too loud. I want is to make a statement, but not hurt the eyes. The Dress is playful and cute, but also sexy! The lace adds the extra sass and the cut also gives it depth. I love the colour, it’s almost an off-white-beige and the black detail is seals the deal. The orange shoes go so well with the primary colour of the dress & gives it that extra something, to prevent it from looking dull and boring.

I chose a white clutch, because a black one (which was my first choice) would have made the outfit as a whole look sloppy. The white clutch adds to the ‘fresh’ look and it makes the orange pumps stand out more. Since the dress has lace detail as well, I just opted for small black earrings with gold detail, to not overshadow the lace.

The hair is a perfect summer style, featuring a picture perfect side braid. This compliments the outfit perfectly. For the face I went with a dramatic eye, because the dress is a bit subtle in colour, so a bold eye is a winner. This look is rounded off with a metallic lip which compliments the shoes.

I would say this look is more for those that like staying in their comfort zone, but also steps it up a bit occasionally.

3. Frilled


  • Dress – Elie Saab
  • Shoes – Zuhair Murad
  • Necklace – Swarovski chocker
  • Eye palette – Dior
  • Lips – Burberry liquid velvet & Victoria Secret lip plumper
  • Lashes – Huda Beauty

On this amazing outfit, I decided to go all out! Statement necklace and the works. I have to admit, the previous outfits are playing it a bit safe. In this ensemble I wanted a playful and flirty look, but also a domineering one. It has to be one of “those” looks where people can’t help but stare. I added a few statement items, just to create some drama and stand out from the previous looks.

The dress has beaded details at the top, which is in a dark blue tone. Adding the diamond necklace is actually a pretty dangerous move, since it might become too “much”, therefore I chose a choker, which is pretty high and will not take the shine from the dress’ detail. I added a studded silver pump just to be extra. Everyone that knows me, knows I’m all about the DRAMA! The silver shoes also break the intensity of the blue dress.

For the hairstyle, I chose one pretty similar to the second look. An up do is the way to go when there are diamond necklaces and heavy dress detail involved. Letting the hair down would definitely be too much, unless you have a very short do (like a bob). There are a few loose strands here and there, to give a look a softer side.

The eyes are pretty intense, but I equalised it with a nude lip. We don’t want too  much drama now honey.

This outfit is for the go-getter lady. Those not afraid to take that leap, and gives absolutely no damns!

That concludes my Lookbook for the Oscars. Don’t forget to catch it on Monday 27th February. Let me know which one is your favourite look in the comment section below. I would love to hear from you.



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